Lifford FRS Hydrology Report

RPS undertook the hydrological assessment for Lifford FRS – the final report is available under the link below.

Hydrology Report

IBE1674_Rp_03_Lifford FRS Stage 1 Hydrology_F01 – 211110

Appendix A

A. Sub-Catchment Mapping


Lifford FRS AA Screening Report for SI Works

Ryan Hanley have completed the AA screening Report for the site investigation works to be undertaken in January 2022 – the final report is available under the link below.

Lifford FRS_AA Screening Determination_SI Works


Lifford FRS Constraints Study Report

Ryan Hanley are currently undertaking a Contraints Study – the final report and appendices are available under the link below.


Appendix A

A2 2519 Public Consultation Brouchure

A3 20_52 Lifford Flood Relief Scheme

Appendix B

B1 Zoning map Lifford

Appendix C

Appendix C

Appendix D

D2 Existing Groundwater Abstraction within Strabane

D4 Surface Water Data

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix F1-6

Appendix G

Appendix G Air Quality Standards

Appendix H

H2 2519 Questionnaire

H3.1 2519 Public Consultation Poster No.1 (Map)

H3.2 2519 Public Consultation Poster No.2 (Constraints Study)

H3.3 2519 Public Consultation Poster No.3 (Public Involvement)

H3.4 2519 Public Consultation Poster No.4 (Scheme Objectives & Overview)

H3.5 2519 Public Consultation Poster No. 5 (Environmental Constraints)

H3.6 2519 Public Consultation Poster No.6 (CFRMP FRS_Interaction Process Lifford)