Invasive Species Treatment:

In advance of the flood relief scheme for Lifford, the Project Team has commenced work on invasive species treatment in the scheme area.

The Project Team have identified the presence of the invasive plants Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam along the rivers Finn, Foyle and Mourne. Precaution control treatment of these invasive species has been completed during May and June. This treatment targeted areas where there is a potential interface with flood scheme works based on the current high level design. As such, treatment areas may change as the scheme design progresses or as infestations are eradicated.

The presence of another invasive species, Japanese Knotweed, has also been recorded and will be similarly treated where it interfaces with scheme in the autumn. All treatment of invasive species will be in accordance with best practice and the Invasive Species Management Plan developed as part of the scheme.


A project newsletter will be uploaded approximately every three months, providing information on recent activities undertaken, upcoming activities and other relevant information.

Lifford FRS Newsletter 01

Newsletter 1 provides the first quarterly update, providing information on the background of the study, what stage the study is at, an outline of the scheme programme and the next steps for the project.

Lifford FRS Newsletter 02

Newsletter 2 provides the second quarterly update, providing information on what stage the project is at, impact of COVID19 on the project, an outline of the scheme programme, information regarding the opening Public Consultation Day and the next steps for the project.

Public Consultation Information:

Public Consultation Brochure

The downloadable brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the scheme.

Public Consultation Questionnaire

Downloadable Questionnaire to be completed by members of the Public in Lifford, to provide any information of flooding they have experienced in the Lifford Area and how they think the issue of flooding in the area can be resolved.